Zeiss Microscope Axiophot Fluorescence DIC Stand for Parts

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Zeiss Microscope Axiophot Fluorescence Stand for Parts

Electronics are not working.
The green switch light turns on when powered on but neither of the lamp outlets power on a lamphouse.
Lamphouses are not included.

5 Position DIC Nosepiece
Rotates properly with click stops
Fits 20mm thread diameter objectives
Part No. 453176

Stage/Condenser bracket part no. 451825
Condenser bracket adjusts but is stiff

Coarse and fine focus adjusts properly.
Both coarse focus knobs have a crack but still work properly

Field diaphragm adjusts properly
Built in filters adjust properly.

Item has cosmetic wear and needs a thorough cleaning.

Listed as for parts/not working, sold as is, no refunds/returns.