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Affordable and In Stock Microscopes and Microscope Parts

Affordable and In Stock Microscopes and Microscope Parts

Consumer: "I love it! It works great! It is EXACTLY what I want! I’ll take it”

Sales Person; “Wonderful, we will deliver in 482 days.”

This is an all too familiar problem in today's laboratory equipment space.  Especially microscopes!  People get busy and wait until the last minute because they have a lot of things going on --kids sporting events, dance recitals, grandma’s birthday, the list goes on and on.  And that's just on the personal side of things.  Let’s talk about work!  Your Pathology practice is expanding, the new person in the lab just dropped a lens on the concrete lab floor, the cleaning crew whacked a binocular body with their broom handle.  Life happens and things happen.  So when it does happen, you call your salesperson for a quick fix and BOOM you're slapped with a long lead time.  That is when we step in!  Microscope Marketplace is an online marketplace with a live inventory from Munday Scientific.  Your microscope head is broken beyond repair? We can get a replacement shipped out that day.  The lens that was dropped and cracked? If we have it advertised, it can be shipped that day.  Your team is growing and adding two new positions unexpectedly? We can ship microscopes in 2 to 4 days, typically.  All items come with a warranty and you speak to a REAL person when you call.  Not one of those silly automated systems.  You can talk to someone that speaks English or Spanish without pressing two!  Thank God! 

If you see the refurbished microscope, microscope accessory or microscope part on our site and have questions, we have live chat, respond to emails daily and return calls if they are missed.  The person you speak with will be a vital part to servicing, packing or shipping your order.

If you purchase a complete microscope, like our best seller the Olympus BX41 for Mohs or Pathology, it will be serviced by Cody, Alex or Walker.  Then go to a quality check from Brandon or Chad.  Finally it will go to Danny Duncan or our owner Scott Munday for its final inspection and packing.  Everyone is held on task by Maria Mireles our office administrator.

Our used/refurbished microscopes and microscope parts are typically 40% off list price.  They go through a quality inspection and service from an Authorized Olympus and Nikon service technician and are packed by our owner Scott Munday.  We hope you consider shopping our in-stock and affordable microscope equipment.


Chad Potts, 9-17-22

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