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Benefits of Upgrading your Microscope to LED

Benefits of Upgrading your Microscope to LED

Love your older model microscope but are having issues with the light source or power supply? You may want to consider a LED upgrade from Nanodyne.

 This LED allows you to keep the same form factor and parts you already have while giving you a much more consistent and brighter light system for your microscope. 

The Nanodyne illuminator uses less power and provides a better pure white light rather than the yellow halogen light  for less eye strain during use without the need of additional filters .Your “old” microscope probably has better optics and mechanics than a new one.

 You can keep your perfectly good microscope working for a fraction of the price of a new one. We can perform this upgrade on many different models and specialize in the upgrade of the Olympus BX and BH series as well as the Nikon 50i and E400. 


By Walker Kelly 09-02-22

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