Microscopes and MOHS surgery

Microscopes and MOHS surgery

A Mohs surgeon uses a microscope primarily for the precise examination of excised tissue during Mohs micrographic surgery. Mohs surgery is a specialized surgical technique used to treat certain types of skin cancer, particularly those that have a high risk of recurrence or are located in areas where preservation of healthy tissue is critical, such as the face.

During Mohs surgery, the surgeon removes thin layers of tissue, one at a time, and immediately examines each layer under a microscope. The goal is to determine the presence and extent of cancerous cells in the excised tissue. This microscopic examination allows the surgeon to precisely map out the boundaries of the tumor and identify any remaining cancer cells that may be present at the edges of the removed tissue (referred to as "tumor margins").

If cancer cells are still present at the margins, the surgeon can precisely locate the area where the cancer is, based on the microscopic examination, and then remove another layer of tissue from that specific area. This process is repeated until no cancer cells are detected in the examined tissue, ensuring that the tumor is completely removed while sparing as much healthy tissue as possible.

The use of a microscope in Mohs surgery is critical for achieving a high cure rate and minimizing the potential for cancer recurrence. It provides real-time feedback to the surgeon, allowing for meticulous removal of cancerous tissue while preserving surrounding healthy tissue. This helps to optimize both the cosmetic and functional outcomes for the patient, especially when dealing with skin cancers in delicate or cosmetically sensitive areas

The Olympus BX Microscopes is our most commonly sold microscope for MOHS surgeons.  My personal favorite is the Olympus BX41 with the LED Upgrade.  It's about 50% of the cost of a new microscope and delivers with the same quality of a new microscope.  We have several options of microscopes for your MOHS practice at Microscope Marketplace.

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