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My microscope light is blinking or flickering; what do I do?

My microscope light is blinking or flickering; what do I do?

Okay, you have a huge project and the microscope bulb starts flickering.  This is a clear indication that the halogen bulb or LED assembly needs to be changed.  

LED's are bright, efficient and were never supposed to go out, but they do.  They will start to strobe first at the lower power.  When you notice this, go ahead and replace the LED.  Unfortunately, this can be way more costly compared to replacing a halogen bulb.  A Halogen bulb costs about $15 to replace, where the LED housing for Olympus, Nikon, Zeiss and Leica is usually around $1000.  

At Microscope Marketplace we stock many of the LED replacements that are known to fail.  

As for a Halogen bulb blinking, it could be a few things:

Bulb: The bulb itself could be bad.  I recommend replacing this first.  This is the most common issue

Lamphouse/Socket: The halogen bulb has two prongs that go into the socket.  Sometimes the socket fails and needs to be replaced.

Electronics Failure: The electronics or rheostat (light adjustment) could be failing.

The first two issues are easy and inexpensive to fix.  The electronics failure could be inexpensive and simple, but If it is something larger, there is another option.  You can replace the system with electronics from a donor system or with new LED electronics from Nanodyne.

No matter what the issue is, give us a call/e-mail and we'll help walk you through it.



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