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Rebuild and Refurbish Microscopes

Rebuild and Refurbish Microscopes

At Microscope Marketplace we rely on our parent company Munday Scientific.

Munday Scientific’s factory trained technicians can rebuild and refurbish your microscope, old or new.

They stock replacement parts for various microscope models, from older and obsolete models to current and new models. This includes an extensive inventory for many brands of microscopes.

Munday Sci's technicians disassemble the microscope and examine each piece of equipment individually. We can then determine which items need repair, replacement, or cleaning and relubrication to become fully functioning again.

Many common problems we encounter include, but are not limited to:

  • Coarse and fine focus repairs
  • Replacing delaminated objectives
  • Stage repairs and relubrication
  • Broken z-axis repairs
  • Replacing broken condenser leaves
  • Replacing broken electronics
  • Updating or repairing old electronics
  • Relubricating nose pieces
  • Dust and debris removal from interiors
  • Replacing broken prisms
  • Head realignment

The goal is to have every piece of equipment fully operational to suit the needs of each clients specific application, and derive maximum value from your microscope investment.

Each microscope is thoroughly tested and cleaned after reassembly to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Many of the microscope models we refurbish include:

  • Olympus BH2
  • Olympus BX Series (BX40, BX41, BX43, etc.)
  • Olympus CK40
  • Olympus CX21 and CX31
  • Olympus IX50 and IX70
  • Olympus SZH
  • Olympus SZ and SZX Series
  • Nikon Eclipse E400
  • Nikon Eclipse 50i
  • Nikon Eclipse 80i
  • Nikon Diaphot
  • Nikon Labophot
  • Leica MZ Series
  • Leica DMLB
  • Leica DMIL

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