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The Olympus BX Microscope is the best Pathologist Microscope and here is why

The Olympus BX Microscope is the best Pathologist Microscope and here is why

Is the Olympus BX the best compound scope ever made?

It’s no secret that Munday Scientific and Microscope Marketplace absolutely love the Olympus BX Microscope line.  Specifically the BX2 (BX41, BX45 and BX51)  We think these microscopes are some of the best ever made.  Below are some of the reasons we absolutely love this product. 

  1. Durability - The Olympus BX stands the test of time.  If properly maintained by an Olympus Authorized Service center like Munday Scientific they can easily last you your entire career
  2. Cost Effective - A refurbished Olympus BX2 series microscope cost about 40% of what the new model cost.  Which is a great value considering our next topic of how Compatible they are.
  3. Compatibility - The BX models are all pretty darn compatible.  The objectives are all interchangeable from the BX1 (BX40, BX50 and BX60) models to the current BX3 (BX43, BX46 and BX63) models.  Along with the objectives, the heads, eyepieces, stages, and condensers are all easily interchangeable
  4. Ergonomics - The Olympus BX has many ergonomic features that are included and can be added

At Munday Scientific and Microscope Marketplace we specialize in refurbished Pathology Microscopes.  The Olympus BX model, specifically the Olympus BX41 is our top pick for a Pathology microscope. They are very common amongst MOHS surgeons, Forensic Pathologist, Clinical Pathologist and Veterinary Pathologist. 

There is a quick video below that will help you get to know your Olympus BX41

By Chad Potts, 08-02-2022

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