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What is the most commonly used Pathology Microscope

What is the most commonly used Pathology Microscope

The most commonly used microscope in pathology is the compound microscope. A compound microscope is a type of microscope that uses lenses and light to magnify small objects or samples. It typically consists of two or more lenses (objective lenses and an eyepiece lens) that work together to magnify the image of the sample.

Compound microscopes are widely used in pathology labs because they are capable of producing high-resolution images of tissues and cells. They are also relatively easy to use and can be adjusted to accommodate different samples and magnifications.

There are many different types of compound microscopes available, and the specific model that is most commonly used in pathology may vary depending on the needs of the lab and the samples being examined. Some of the features that may be important to consider when selecting a compound microscope for use in pathology include:

  • Magnification: Pathologists typically need to be able to examine samples at high magnifications in order to see small details. Look for a microscope with a range of objective lenses that allows for high magnifications.

  • Resolution: A microscope's resolution refers to its ability to distinguish between two points that are close together. A high-resolution microscope will be able to show more detail in the sample.

  • Brightfield illumination: Brightfield illumination is a common type of lighting used with compound microscopes. It allows for the sample to be viewed against a bright background, which can be helpful for identifying structures and details in the sample.

  • Stage: The stage is the platform on which the sample is placed. Look for a microscope with a stage that is easy to use and allows for precise movement of the sample.

  • Eyepieces: The eyepieces are the lenses that you look through to view the sample. Choose eyepieces with a comfortable field of view and a high level of eye relief (the distance between the eyepiece and your eye).

From our experience the Olympus BX model microscope is the most commonly used microscope in the pathology community.  The BX41 and BX43 specifically.  They are great microscopes and have interchangeable parts.  This makes them very easy to upgrade with different accessories for all types of applications.

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