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CoolLED pE-300 lite Fluorescence Illuminator

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The pE-300lite is a simple white light LED illuminator for microscopes. It provides a broad spectrum of illumination, covering the excitation bands of common fluorophores such as DAPI, CFP, Aqua, FITC, TRITC, TxRed, Cy5 and many more. Operation is by a remote manual control pod with instant on/off and control of irradiance from 0-100%.

Direct fit or liquid light guide

There are two pE-300lite configuration options: direct fit or liquid light guide. The direct fit variant delivers higher irradiance and reduces the cost to buy and run thanks to fewer consumables.

Comparing Irradiance Between Direct Fit and Liquid Light Guide Illumination Systems

For confocal microscopes, the liquid light guide variant offers the ideal replacement to a metal halide light source, minimising photobleaching and phototoxicity when viewing samples before scanning. More information on the available variants can be found under specifications.

Energy efficiency for cost-saving sustainability

When it comes to making labs safer and more sustainable, LED microscope lighting is an attractive option when compared to old toxic mercury or metal halide lamps. All three channels of the pE-300lite at full power use just 60 Watts, which is even lower than other LED technology which uses 120 to 350 Watts. “Green Grants” are even sometimes available from establishments, providing financial support owing to the reduction in institutional energy usage.

With a long lifetime and a comprehensive range of microscope adaptors, the pE-300lite can be fitted to most current and older microscopes and operate for many years without aligning or replacing bulbs. The result is a safe, convenient illumination system without any additional operating costs.

Award winning technology

CoolLED’s pE-300 Series was the 2017 winner of the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL) “Go Beyond Award” for “Excellence in sustainability in laboratory and other high technology facilities”.


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