Fixed Stage for Olympus BX Series Microscopes

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Fixed Stage for Olympus BX Series Microscopes

This aftermarket stage is suitable for users who prefer reading slides without using a slide clip and XY coax drive.  Some users refer to this is a locked stage.
It is black hard coat anodized for resistance to wear.
Made of high quality aluminum.
Set screw is a 3mm allen, the same size as the built in wrench that comes with BX models.
The last two pictures show how the stage fits on a BX41 model and are for reference purposes only.
Approximately 7.25" x 6"
Fits on all Olympus BX microscope models including  Olympus BX40, BX41, BX45, BX61, BX50, BX51, BX43, BX53, and BX63 series microscopes.