Leica Microscope DMIRB w/ Polarization & Eppendorf TransferMan NK Microinjection

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Leica Microscope DMIRB with Eppendorf TransferMan NK Microinjection

Leica DMIRB Inverted Stand
Binocular Tilting Ergo Head
Pair of HC Plan S 10x/22 Eyepieces

0.53 S 23 Pol Condenser
521700 Polarizer
ICR/P Polarizer Slider

Right Handed Stage and Specimen Holder
6 Position Nosepiece
2 Objectives:
C Plan 4x/0.10
N Plan L 20x/0.40 with Correction

12V 100W Halogen Lamphouse
Eppendorf TransferMan NK Controller and Joystick
(2) Line Cord
(2) Spare 12V 100W Bulb