Lumencor SOLA Light Engine Control Pad | SOLA

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Lumencor’s Light Engine Control Pod puts light source on/off status and intensity level controls at your fingertips, without the need for dedicated computers or third party software.

The Light Engine Control Pod is a compact control console for all Lumencor microscope Light Engines equipped with USB or RS-232 serial ports, including:

  • AURA Light Engine
  • LIDA Light Engine
  • MIRA Light Engine
  • SOLA Light Engines
  • SPECTRA Light Engine
  • SPECTRA X Light Engine
  • ZIVA Light Engine

The pod requires minimal set-up and is robust and easy-to-use. Light source selection, on/off switching and output intensity settings are controlled by two push buttons and a rotary dial in combination with menus and status displays on a built-in screen. A second USB port on the pod allows pass-through control of the Light Engine from computer workstations. Below you will find downloadable instructions for the Light Engine Control Pod.


Product manufactured in the USA