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Mitutoyo 20x M Plan APO Objective

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Mitutoyo 20x M Plan Apochromatic Objective -378-804-3. The apochromatic optical design provides a flat, chromatic-aberration-free image for true-colour viewing, making this objective an ideal choice for metallurgical applications.

Type: Infinity Corrected Brightfield
Wavelength: Visible
Magnification: 20x
N.A.: 0.42
Working Distance: 20mm
Focal Length: 10mm
Resolving Power: 0.7µm
Focal Depth:
Field of View with Ø24 Eyepiece Ø1.2
Real Field of View with 1/2" Chip Camera 0.24 x 0.32
Thread Size: M26
Part Number: 378-804-3