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Munday Microscope Track Stand | 85mm Coarse Focus Rack | Halogen and Fluorescent

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Munday Microscope Track Stand with an 85mm Coarse Focus Rack, with a Halogen and Fluorescent.

Part No. ST02031204

Dia. 85mm Scope Holder .
Track Length: 325mm.
Base Dimensions: 320x305x60mm.
Focus Distance: 200mm.
Output Voltage: DC 12V.


Stand Type Track Stand
Holder Adapter Type Dia. 85mm Scope Holder
Track Length 325mm
Base Type Illumination Base
Base Shape Rectangle
Stand Throat Depth 125mm
Base Dimensions 320x305x60mm
Focus Mode Manual
Focus Distance 200mm
Coarse Focus Distance per Rotation 23mm
Focusing Knob Tightness Adjustable Tightness Adjustable
Illumination Type HF Dual Illuminated Light
Top Illumination Oblique Top Light
Top Illumination Type Halogen Light
Bottom Illumination Type Fluorescent Light
Output Power 24W
Input Voltage AC 90-265V 50/60Hz
Output Voltage DC 12V
Power Cord Connector Type USA 3 Pins
Power Cable Length 1.8m
Surface Treatment Spray Paint
Material Metal
Color White
Net Weight 5.40kg (11.90lbs)
Dimensions 320x305x385mm (12.598x12.008x15.157 in. )
Microscope Plate
95x5mm Black White Stage Plate
Plate Type Black White Plate
Plate Size Dia. 95x5mm
Material Plastic
Color Black, White
Net Weight 0.04kg (0.09lbs)
95x5mm Matte Glass Stage Plate
Plate Type Matte Finish Glass Plate
Plate Size Dia. 95x5mm
Material Matte Finish Float Glass
Iris Diagram
Transmitted Illumination Iris
Aperture Diaphragm Fixed Aperture Diaphragm
Aperture Diaphragm Mounting Position Vertical Illuminator
Aperture Diaphragm Outer Diameter Dia. 91mm
Surface Treatment Electroplating Black
Material Metal
Color Black
Applied Field For SA0216 Series Illumination Base
Fluorescence Bulb
9W Fluorescent Bulb
Bulb Rated Power 9W
Bulb Shape Double U Shape
Material Glass
Net Weight 0.02kg (0.04lbs)
Applied Field For SA02161103 Illumination Base
Halogen Bulb
6V 15W Halogen Bulb
Bulb Rated Power 15W
Bulb Rated Voltage DC 12V
Bulb Shape Umbrella Shape
Bulb Mounting Mode Bi-Pin
Light Bulb Pin Standard G4 (4mm)
Material Glass
Applied Field For SA02161102, ML05321131, ML05321132 Illumination Base