Munday Microscope Track Stand | 76mm Coarse Focus Rack | 300mm Track Length | Fan-Shape

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Munday Microscope Track Stand measuring 76mm Coarse Focus Rack and 300mm Track Length- Fan Shaped.

Part No. ST09031101

Track Stand.
Dia. 76mm Scope Holder.
Track Length: 300mm.
Base Dimensions: 300x300x25mm.
Focus Distance: 105mm.
Black White Plate.
Clear Glass Plate.
Plate Size: Dia. 125x6mm.


Stand Type Track Stand
Holder Adapter Type Dia. 76mm Scope Holder
Track Length 300mm
Base Type Table Base
Base Shape Fan-Shape
Stand Throat Depth 132mm
Base Dimensions 300x300x25mm
Focus Mode Manual
Focus Distance 105mm
Coarse Focus Distance per Rotation 20mm
Focusing Knob Tightness Adjustable Tightness Adjustable
Surface Treatment Spray Paint
Material Metal
Color White
Net Weight 2.95kg (6.50lbs)
Dimensions 300x300x325mm (11.811x11.811x12.795 in. )
Microscope Plate
125x6mm Black White Plate
Plate Type Black White Plate
Plate Size Dia. 125x6mm
Material Plastic (ABS)
Net Weight 0.08kg (0.18lbs)
Applied Field For ST0903 Series Track Stand
125x6mm Clear Glass Plate
Plate Type Clear Glass Plate
Plate Size Dia. 125x6mm
Material Clear Float Glass
Net Weight 0.18kg (0.40lbs)
Applied Field For ST0903 Series Track Stand