Nikon Microscope DIC Parts for Optiphot

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Nikon Microscope Assortment of Parts

Nikon Nosepiece with DIC Objectives
BDPlan 5X / 0.1 DIC 210/0
BDPlan 10X / 0.25 DIC 210/0
BDPlan 20X / 0.4 DIC 210/0
BDPlan 50X / 0.85 DIC 210/0

All objectives make a good image
DIC Prims are a little stiff but move (5, 20, 50 and 100) No 10 Prism 

Nikon Abbe Condenser with Polarizer on bottom

Nikon Analyzer with rotatable 360 Polarizer - moves good

1/4 Wave Plate - with minor delamination 

Damaged Nikon BF/DF Illuminator