Nikon Microscope Fluorescence Filter Cube UV-2E/C C-FL

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Model C-FL
Filters/mirror are in good condition.
Cube Part No. MXA22030
Filter Set Part No. 96310

"C-FL UV-2E/C DAPI/Hoeschst (UV-3A), Excitation: 360/40nm (340-380nm), Emission: 460/50nm (435-485nm), Dichroic Mirror: 400nm."

Compatible with the following:
Upright Microscopes: Ni series (Ni-E, Ni-U), Ci series (Ci-E, Ci-L, Ci-S), LV-N series, L200N/L300N series.
Inverted Microscopes: Ti series, Ti2 series, TE2000