Okolab UP METAL | Thermal Plate Slide Translator

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This metal plate realizes a warm surface under the glass slide translator, for upright microscopes

It requires H401-T-CONTROLLER.


  • Flush with upright microscopes with glass slide translators
  • Temperature range: from ambient to 60°C
  • Accuracy on specimen: ±0.3°C
  • Rectangular opening for imaging: 40x15 mm
  • Flat respect to the rest of the XY stage
  • 4.3'' touch screen controller
  • On-board Data logging and download routines to USB drive
  • Easy plate replacement, if necessary


2-Channel Temperature Controller with 4.3'' touch screen interface compatible with all H401 heating devices. One controller can control independently up to two items.

External temperature sensor (included) and self calibration routines allows easy calibration of the heating devices for the highest accuracy on sample temperature.

On board data logging and download procedures to USB drives allow to record temperature as a function of time and to log calibration events and alarms.

The controller is equipped with password protected routines to re-calibrate the sensors against certified thermometers. 


  • T - range: from ambient to 60°C
  • T - accuracy on specimen: ± 0.3°C
  • 4.3'' touch screen interface
  • External T - sensor (included)
  • On-board Data logging and download routines to USB drive
  • On-board logging of calibration and alarm events
  • Alarm buzzer and External Alarm Connector
  • One controllers can control independently up to two devices
  • Self calibration routines allow to improve temperature accuracy
  • Password protected procedure for periodic calibration against certified thermometer 


H401-T-PENNY is a compact single-channel Temperature Controller compatible with any OKOLAB heating device that combines performance and simplicity at an unbeatable price.


  • Temperature range: from ambient to 60°C
  • Set point resolution: 0.1°C
  • Calibration via addition of offset
  • Maximum Output: 60 W
  • Dimensions: 83.65x45.05x20.20 mm
  • Weight: 47.50 g