Olympus Microscope BH2 with Fluorescence and Superwide Trinocular Head

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Olympus Microscope BH2 with Fluorescence and Trinocular Head

Olympus BH2 Stand
Super Wide Trinocular Head
Pair of SWHK 10x L Focusing Eyepieces

6 Position Nosepiece
4 Objectives:
S Plan 4x
S Plan 10x
S Plan 40x
S Plan 100x Oil

Fluorescence Illuminator
2 Postion Filter Cube Turret
2 Cubes: B and G

Right Hand Stage with Slide Holder
1.1 Abbe Condenser
Daylight Blue Filter

12V 100W Halogen Lamphouse
100W Mercury Lamphouse
Mercury Power Supply

2 Line Cords
Spare 12V 100W Bulb
Dust Cover

This microscope is in good condition and has been serviced by an Authorized Olympus Microscope Technician.