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Olympus Microscope BH2 with Fluorescence & SPlan Objectives

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Olympus Microscope BH2 with Fluorescence & SPlan Objectives

Olympus BH-2 100W Stand
Trinocular Hard
Pair of WHK 10x/20 Eyepieces

Fluorescence Illuminator BH2-RFCA
3 Position Filter Turret
3 Filter Cube:
BF, BP545, BP490

6 Position Nosepiece on Dovetail
4 Objectives:
SPlan 4x
SPlan 10x
SPlan 20x
SPlan 40x

Can add other objectives if needed (example 2X or 100X)

Left Handed Stage (Right Handed available)
Flip Out Condenser

100W Mercury Lamphouse
Mercury Power Supply
12V 100W Halogen Lamphouse with Blue Filter
(2) Spare 12V 100w Halogen Bulb
(2) Line Cord
Dust Cover

This microscope has been serviced by an Authorized Olympus Microscope Technician.