Olympus Microscope BX40 Stand with LED Nanodyne Illumination Upgrade

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Olympus Microscope BX40 Stand with LED Nanodyne Illumination Upgrade

Olympus BX40 Stand has been upgraded with LED light.
Suitable to swap with any BX40 halogen light stand.
Includes 5 position fixed nosepiece, stage/condenser bracket, line cord.
This stand has been serviced by an authorized Olympus microscope service technician and is in proper working condition.

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The Olympus BX40 Halogen Microscope is one of the flag slip Olympus Microscope models. However the electronics are starting to fail due to age. There is a great solution from Nanodyne Systems and Munday Scientific. We are offering an exchange program for your broken BX40 Microscope. You can purchase a fully serviced Olympus BX40 Nanodyne Microscope stand with a like new focus mechanism. Once you receive the replacement, move over your objectives, head, eyepieces, condenser and stage. The microscope will then be like new. You can ship your old broken microscope back in the box you receive. We can include a prepaid shipping label for convivence. The average repair cost is about $1800 including shipping and the customer typically receives the replacement in 5 business days.