Olympus Microscope IMT-2 Phase Contrast and Fluorescence

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Olympus Microscope IMT-2 Fluorescence  and Phase contrast (Fully Serviced)
Olympus Microscope IMT2 Stand
Pair of Olympus Eyepieces
Olympus ULWCD 0.30 Phase Contrast Condenser (5 STOPS: 4X, 10X, 20X, 40X, BF)
12V 50W Lamphouse
12V 100W Mercury Lamphouse and Illuminator
12V 100W Mercury Power Supply
1 Fluorescence Cube
Right hand stage and slide holder

5 Objectives
SPlan 10X PL 0.30 160/0.17\

LWD CDPlan 20X  0.40 160/0-2 with Correction collar (moves smoothly)

SPlan 10X 0.30 160/0.17

LWD CDPlan 40X PL 0.60 160/ 0-2 with Correction collar (moves smoothly)

LWD CDPlan 4X 0.60 / 0-2 with Correction collar (moves smoothly)