Olympus Microscope PME3 w. Nomarski NIC DIC Brightfield Darkfield Metallurgical

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Olympus Microscope PME3 with Nomarski NIC

Olympus PME 3 Inverted Stand
Binocular Head
Pair of WHK 10x/20 Eyepieces
RIght Hand Mechanical Stage

5 Position NIC Nosepiece with Prisms for each Objective
5 Objectives:
NeoSPlan 5x NIC
NeoSPlan 10x NIC
NeoSPlan 20x NIC
NeoSPlan 50x NIC
NeoSPlan 100x NIC

Brightfield / Darkfield Illuminator
PMG3-AN Analyzer Slider
UPO NIC Rotating Polarizer Slider
UTP530 Slider with Lambda Wave Plate & ND12 Filter

12V 100W Halogen Lamphouse
TH3 Power Supply
Line Cord

This microscope is in proper working condition and has been serviced/tested by an Authorized Olympus Service Technician.
Objectives have some exterior cosmetic wear. The optics are clean and clear.
The polarizer, analyzer, and lambda plate are in good condition with no delamination.
NIC prisms are in good condition, clean and clear with no delamination.

This microscope will be packed by an Authorized Olympus Service Technician.
Item will ship via motor freight.

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