SCHOTT Spot Lights - EasyLED Series

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EasyLED Spot Lights are available in two different versions: an individual spot light with a single light head (Spot Light Plus Single), and a double spot light with two light heads (Spot Light Plus Double). In addition, the two light heads of the Spot Light Plus Double can be used individually.


  • Powerful light flux of 130 lm for each spot.
  • Robust metal light head equipped with special cooling lamellae.
  • Integrated controller.
  • Mountable direct to the stand. Mounting brackets for all stands plus a standalone version are all available.


  • Ergonomic design – the dimming control is ergonomically placed near the focus control of the microscope.
  • Robust design for operation in demanding environments.
  • Double Spot Light Plus is available with a switching feature for alternating lighting options.