Techniquip Proline 30 LED Ringlight fits up to 44mm diameter

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Techniquip Proline 30 LED Ringlight

The Techniquip Proline 30 is specifically designed to fit zoom and fixed optics commonly used for machine vision and advanced imaging applications.

Designed and manufactured to the exacting standards that have made TechniQuip an industry leader in microscopy ring lights, the ProLine 30 delivers powerful, microscope quality white light from the precision aligned LED array. Our CAD designed ring light system contains 30 top quality exceptionally bright white LED’s housed in an attractive black anodized aluminium enclosure. The ProLine 30 offers outstanding illumination performance and maximum energy savings. Our advanced 3 button LED controller utilizes a proprietary constant current design to provide maximum light output with long life and no color shift when dimming. The ProLine 30 comes standard with a universal power source for worldwide operation.

▶ 30 Powerful high precision aligned LEDS
▶ Supplied with 3 quadrant controller and auto voltage sensing power supply
▶ Choice of Daylight, Cool White or Warm White LEDS
▶ 360 Degree shadow-free illumination
▶ Machined aluminum mounting ring
▶ Supplied with 3 soft tip mounting screws
▶ Machined aluminum alloy housing for durability
▶ Supplied with controller and power supply
▶ Fits up to 1.7” (44mm) lenses
▶ Working distance is 2.0" to 4.0"
▶ Adaptable for machine vision applications
▶ Instant on performance
▶ Adaptable for machine vision applications