Tokai Hit Thermal Plate for Zeiss Stand M Transmitted Light Base #TPiD-STMDX

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  • Temperature range: ambient – 50℃
  • Plate dimension: W370 × D248mm
  • Heating area: W128 × D95mm
  • Glass thickness: 0.5 mm

Works with and Fits Zeiss Stand M Transmitted Light Base

Includes TPi Controller for unit 

A microscope stage warmer is a device used in microscopy to maintain a stable and controlled temperature on the stage of a microscope. It is particularly useful in live-cell imaging, IVF or other experiments where temperature control is critical to observe and study biological processes accurately.

Overall, the use of a microscope stage warmer in IVF labs is a critical aspect of ensuring the best possible conditions for embryo culture and development, which ultimately contributes to the success of the IVF process.