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Zeiss Microscope AXIO Vert.A1 Illuminator replacement Kit

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This LED illuminator replaces the original Zeiss AXIO Vert.A1 illuminator. Provides a whiter, brighter light than the original, while consuming less energy and generating less heat. Intensity control is continuous from 0-100%. Problems with heat damage, connector and power supply failure are all eliminated. Never change bulbs again. Don’t waste money on a new microscope because of a bad circuitry. Your “old” microscope probably has better optics and mechanics than a new one. You can keep your perfectly good microscope working for a fraction of the price of an inferior new one. Bring your Zeiss AXIO Vert.A1 microscope up to date. Replace the old Zeiss AXIO Vert.A1 microscope light with a new Nanodyne LED system. All Nanodyne illuminator systems include the power supply and required cables. Everything required for the illuminator is included. Your new Nanodyne illuminator will add decades of useful life to your microscope.


Installation Instructions – Click for Document