Zeiss Microscope Camera Adapter 60N-C 1" 1.0x 426114

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Item is in excellent condition.
For C mount cameras.

Compatible with the following:
Axio Imager.A1
Axio Imager.A1m
Axio Imager.D1
Axio Imager.D1 for epi-fluorescence with ApoTome equipment
Axio Imager.D1m
Axio Imager.M1
Axio Imager.M1m
Axio Imager.Z1
Axio Imager.Z1m
Axio Observer.A1
Axio Observer.D1
Axio Observer.Z1
Axio Observer.Z1 Cell Observer
Axioplan 2 Imaging
Axiovert 200
Axiovert 200 for epi-fluorescence with ApoTome equipment
Axiovert 200 M
PALM MicroBeam
SteREO Discovery.V12
SteREO Discovery.V8
SteREO Lumar.V12
Axio Observer.Z1m ACR
SteREO Discovery.V20
PALM MicroBeam Rel.4.2
PALM MicroTweezers Rel.4.2
PALM CombiSystem Rel. 4.2
Axio Scope.A1
Axio Scope.A1 Vario
Axio Examiner.A1
Axio Examiner.D1
Axio Examiner.Z1
Axio Observer.A1 Entry
Axio Observer.D1 Entry
Axio Observer.Z1 High End
Axio Observer.D1 Mid Range
Axio Imager.Z1 + ApoTome
Axio Observer.Z1 Cell Observer SD
Axio Observer.Z1 TIRF 3
Axio Imager.A2
Axio Imager.A2m
Axio Imager.D2
Axio Imager.D2m
Axio Imager.M2
Axio Imager.M2m
Axio Imager.Z2
Axio Imager.Z2m
Axio Observer.D1 TIRF 3
Axio Scope.A1 Pol
Axio Lab.A1
Axio Lab.A1 MAT
Axio Lab.A1 FL-LED
Axio Lab.A1 Pol
Axio Imager Vario
Axio Vert.A1
Axio Vert.A1 FL
Axio Vert.A1 MAT
Axio Vert.A1 FL-LED
Axio Zoom.V16
Axio Examiner.D1 Cell Observer SD
Axio Examiner.Z1 Cell Observer SD
Axio Scan.Z1
Stemi 305
Stemi 508
Stemi 305 Demo
Stemi 508 Demo
Axio Observer 3 materials
Axio Observer 5 materials
Axio Observer 7 materials
Stemi 305 trino
Stemi 508 trino
Stemi 508 doc
Axio Observer 3
Axio Observer 5
Axio Observer 7
Celldiscoverer 7
Axioscope 5 MAT
Axioscope 5 Pol
Axioscope 7 MAT
Axioscope vario
Stemi 305 cam
LSM 900
Axiolab 5
Axiolab 5 MAT
Axiolab 5 Pol
Axioscope 5
Cell Observer SD
Axioscan 7
Axiovert 5
Axiovert 7