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Zeiss Microscope LD Condenser DIC Phase 0.35na WD: 70mm 424241-9010

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Zeiss Microscope Condenser DIC Phase 0.35na WD: 70mm  

6 Position Turret (H, Ph0, Ph1, Ph2, DIC, DIC)
Contains 3 Phase Rings, all other positions are empty.
Zeiss Catalog No. 424241-9010
Item is in good condition and working properly.
This came from an Axio Observer.Z1 Inverted microscope.

Compatible with the following:
Axio Observer.A1
Axio Observer.D1
Axio Observer.Z1
Axio Observer.Z1 Cell Observer
Axiovert 200
Axiovert 200 for epi-fluorescence with ApoTome equipment
Axiovert 200 M
Axiovert 200 M for epi-fluorescence with ApoTome equipment
Axio Observer.A1 Entry
Axio Observer.D1 Entry
Axio Observer.Z1 High End
Axio Observer.D1 Mid Range
Axio Observer.Z1 Mid Range
Axio Observer.Z1 Cell Observer SD
Axio Observer.Z1 TIRF 3
Axio Observer.D1 TIRF 3
Axio Observer 3 materials
Axio Observer 5 materials
Axio Observer 7 materials
Axio Observer 3
Axio Observer 5
Axio Observer 7

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