Zeiss Stereo Microscope Focus Pod Carrier 435424-9301 Stemi Mount Column 32

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Zeiss Stereoscope Focus Pod Carrier 435424-9301 Stemi Mount Column 32 with Focus Drive

Item is in excellent, new condition and working properly.

Described by Zeiss as "Stemi Mount Column 32 with Drive - Lifting range +/- 25 mm, load capacity max. 5 kg - 2x M8 thread for adaptation of illuminator carriers - Adjustable ease of motion by twisting the knobs."

I do not have the original box for this item but it is new/unused.
Retails new at $699

According to Zeiss this is compatible with the following models:
Stemi 2000
Stemi 2000 C
Stemi 2000 CS
Stemi DV4
Stemi DV4 SPOT
SteREO Discovery.V12
SteREO Discovery.V8
SteREO Discovery.V20
Stemi 305
Stemi 508
Stemi 305 Demo
Stemi 508 Demo
Stemi 305 trino
Stemi 508 trino
Stemi 508 doc
Stemi 305 cam