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Chroma Filter 19000 - AT – UV/DAPI Longpass

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Olympus Holder
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Zeiss Holder
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Chroma’s 19000 series longpass filter sets consist of our affordably priced AT filters. Longpass filter sets are used in many clinical and industrial applications. These filter sets are similar to our 39000 series but use longpass emission filters instead of bandpass emission filters. This provides versatility by allowing for detecting various fluorochromes with overlapping absorption spectra and will provide high signal intensity. These sets are covered by Chroma’s lifetime warranty.
Longpass sets cannot reliably distinguish between more than one fluorescent probe in any given sample.

Chroma Filter - 19000

AT – UV/DAPI Longpass

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Catalog Sets

AT375/28x EX   ASCII
AT415DC BS   45° ASCII
AT435lp EM   ASCII

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