Nikon Microscope 80i with Fluorescence

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Nikon Microscope 80i with Fluorescence
Trinocular Head
Nikon 10X eyepieces
12V 100W Mercury Lamphouse (comes with new Ushio 103-D mercury lamp)
12V 100W Mercury Power Supply
12V 100W Halogen Lamphouse (comes with 2 spare 12V 100W bulbs)
Right Hand Mechanical Stage

6 Place nosepiece with 4 objectives
Plan Fluor 10X/0.30
Plan Fluor 40X/0.75
Plan Fluor 60X/0.85 with correction collar
Plan Fluor 100X/1.30

Abbe 0.90 condenser
3 Neutral Density filters
1 Cube: Chroma Cy3v1

The microscope has minor scuffs on the left side (shown in photos).