Olympus Microscope BX51 with Fluorescence

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Olympus Microscope BX51 with Fluorescence

Olympus BX51 Stand
Trinocular Head
Pair of WH10X/22 Eyepieces
0.5X Camera Adapter

6 Stop Fluorescence Turret
2 Cubes:

6 Position Nosepiece
6 Objectives:
UPlanFl 4x/0.13
UPlanFl 10x/0.40
UPlanFl 20x/0.50
UPlanFl 40x/0.75
UPlanFl 60x/1.25 Oil Iris
UPlanFl 100x/1.30 Oil

Right Handed Stage with Slide Holder
Abbe Condenser

Built in Daylight Blue and Neutral Density Filters
Mercury Lamphouse with Power Supply
12V 100W Halogen Lamphouse
2 Spare 12V 100W Bulbs
2 Line Cords
Dust Cover

We have many other components and objective combinations. Please let us know if there is anything you would like to change and we can customize your microscope.

This microscope has been serviced by an Authorized Olympus Microscope Technician.